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Paintings on Silk by Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Ornithogalum

"Ornithogalum" - silk painting mounted 42cm square

©2014 Leonard Thompson

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Welcome to the Stunning World of Silk Painting!

Today silk painting is an extremely popular art form but it is almost as old as the discovery of silk itself. With modern dyes and paints the design possibilities are limitless. Using a medium-weight habutai silk, Pébéo Setasilk iron-fixed silk paints, clear water solvent gutta and in some paintings batik wax as the resist, I have developed a technique that hides the resist lines. The finished pictures are carefully stretched and mounted on acid-free board and then framed for exhibition.

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Nottingham Evening Post and Patchings Award 2002

"Nottinghamshire Amateur Artist of the Year 2002"

for silk painting "Starburst Lilies"

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