Sequencing Gutta Lines

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The Working Drawing

The working drawing is fixed to the back of the painting frame so that the gutta line design can be seen through the silk. Clear water soluble gutta is used to trace the lines onto the silk. However they are not all traced at once but in a planned sequence starting with the lightest part of the flower shown in red on the working drawing.

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The Painting Process Simplified

The layers of paint and gutta lines are applied in a planned sequence to build up the design. The black parts of the flower in this design are painted with black permanent gutta thinned with a little water and applied with a brush. There are more steps in the painting process than can be shown here. 

The Finished Silk Painting

The last area of this design to be painted is the background because it is the darkest painted area. Once painting is completed the silk is ironed to fix the paint and it is then washed in lukewarm water to remove the clear water soluble gutta lines.

Full details of the Anemone Project can be found in my Ebook 

"Silk Painting using 'Hidden' Gutta Lines"

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