A First Book of

Title Flowers & Verse

I hope you enjoy this first book of verses inspired by silk paintings taken from my galleries.

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Paintings marked with a red spot have been sold.

Silk Painting Bluebells and Periwinkle

"Bluebells and Periwinkle" - mounted 50cm square

Sweet fountains of ultramarine

Burst forth from the forest floor,

And bright blue woodland stars between

Mirror the heavenly shore.

©2002 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Viburnum Carlesii

"Viburnum Carlesii" - mounted 50cm square

If its fragrance could remain

Once the blossoms wither,

Then it would be spring again

Whatever season's hither.

©2001 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Chrysanthemums

"Chrysanthemums" - mounted 50cm square

Jaunty Japanese flowers,

Blushing with poise and grace,

Refreshed by passing showers,

Jostle for pride of place.

©2003 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Queen of the Night

"Queen of the Night" - mounted 50cm square

Her realm of beauty is the night

Of gentle breeze and starry skies;

And sleepless folk whose eyes are bright,

They would not see her otherwise.

©2001 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Rhododendron

"Rhododendron" - mounted 50cm square

From mountain's high ascent,

Dark secret of the woods,

Promises of the orient,

Burst forth from tender buds.

©2001 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Arum Lilies

"Zantedeschia" - mounted 50cm square

Have you seen bright lilies grow,

Beside the tranquil pool below?

Their cowl spathes as white as snow,

And golden hearts, they're all aglow.

©2001 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Bearded Irises

"Irises" - mounted 50cm square

Irises in my garden stand,

Headdresses all a-sail,

Hallowed nuns, book in hand,

Clad in purple veil.

©2003 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Magnolia Stellata

"Magnolia Stellata" - mounted 50cm square

Before the green of sap-run growth

Has urged to leaf the barren cast,

White stars appear, the tree to clothe,

That signal winter days are passed.

©2002 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Trumpet Lilies

"Trumpet lilies" - mounted 50cm square

Tall slender heralds of summer days,

Bringers of light and peace.

Proclaim your message with golden rays,

And never never cease.

©2002 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Water Lilies

"Water Lilies" - mounted 50cm square

Ivory water-lilies lie,

Like boats upon a river.

Hoist their lively sails up high

And voyage on forever.

©2002 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Oriental Poppy

"Oriental Poppy" - mounted 50cm square

Imagine a poppy oriental,

Heart kissed with tender print,

Where a tissue of petals gentle,

Folds beauty in every tint.

©2001 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Chrysanthemum

"Chrysanthemum - Christmas Wine"

  - mounted 50cm square  

Deepest velvet burgundy,

Its myriad petals unfold,

Radiant in flawless luxury,

Sweet wine in cup of gold.

©2003 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Hibiscus Bluebird

"Hibiscus Bluebird" - mounted 50cm square

The azure gem that glints the eye,

And all the blue ethereal sky,

As captured in this vivid flower,

Would not disgrace a bluebird’s bower.

©2003 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Cymbidium Orchid

"Cymbidium Orchid" - mounted 50cm square

Mere mention of its name,

Will set the heart aflame

With visions of sheer wonder,

In dark jungles ripe for plunder.

©2003 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Clematis - The President

"Clematis - The President" - mounted 50cm square

Scramble and climb, to reach the top,

Traveller's joy, don't deign to stop,

Bursting with vigour, glowing with pride,

Honour and merit are at your side.

©2001 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Lavatera

"Lavatera" - mounted 50cm square

All summer long in flower,

Yet still you never tire.

Where do you get the power,

To burgeon ever higher?

©2003 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Red Dahlia

"Red Dahlia" - mounted 50cm square

A single pearl your sole attire,

No jewels have made thee blush,

Thy scarlet petals all admire,

Their radiant florid flush.

©2002 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Hollyhocks

"Hollyhocks" - mounted 50cm square

The cottage garden's all ablaze,

With summer flowers untold.

As through the shimmering shining haze,

Tall hollyhocks unfold.

©2002 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Rhododendron - Moonlight

"Rhododendron - Moonlight" - mounted 50cm square

When moonbeams lit the shade,

Alight with silver showers,

The huntress in the glade,

Silently chose her flowers.

©2003 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Bougainvillea

"Bougainvillea" - mounted 50cm square

I’d happily drowse in summer dreams

And see in sleep old palaces and towers,

Quivering midst cascading streams

Of crimson Bougainvillea flowers.

©2001 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Golden Dahlia

"Golden Dahlia" - mounted 50cm square

Sentinel of the brazen sun,

Observer of autumn days.

How gloriously its light you've spun,

Hoarder of golden rays.

©2003 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Camassia

"Camassia" - mounted 50cm square

From hidden depth of earth appear,

Tall spires of deepest blue,

Thrust upwards in the youthful year,

The prairie's brightest hue.

©2002 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Feathered Tulips

"Feathered Tulips" - mounted 50cm square

From sun-baked bulbs these tulips grew,

Heads tossed by passing breeze.

Fine ladies dancing tall and true,

Doing whatever they please.

©2001 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Starburst Lilies

"Starburst Lilies" - mounted 50cm square

When stars from heaven fell to earth,

These wondrous lilies had their birth.

With one great cosmic burst of power,

There was created such a flower!

©2002 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Tulips and Ginger Jar

"Tulips and Ginger Jar" - mounted 50cm square

When tulips grace our meeting,

We know that spring is here,

And their show however fleeting,

The eye and senses cheer.

©2003 Leonard Thompson

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Paintings marked with a red spot have been sold.

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