A Third Book of

Title Flowers & Verse

I hope you enjoy this third book of verses inspired by silk paintings taken from my galleries.

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Paintings marked with a red spot have been sold.

Silk Painting Himalayan Poppies

"Himalayan Poppies" - mounted 50cm square

Clear mystic visions of delight

Reveal a sapphire flare.

Whilst flashes of electric blue,

Charge the mountain air.

©2007 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Crocus Corsicus

"Crocus Corsicus" - mounted 35cm square

Vibrant heralds of impending spring,

Small they may be but bold.

Their advent sets the birds to sing

And shake off winter cold.

©2007 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Poppies

"Poppies" - mounted 50cm square

The odorous fume of poppies,

Drew me drowsily to the haugh.

A multitude of scarlet heads,

Awakened by the plough.

©2007 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Cactus Dahlia

"Cactus Dahlia" - mounted 50cm square

Silently unfurled,

In an instant - in a rush,

A bud so tightly curled

Reveals its secret blush.

©2007 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Dog's Tooth Violets

"Dog's Tooth Violets" - mounted 50cm square

A shining woodland carpet,

I glimpsed in early spring,

Of graceful Erythroniums,

Their lustrous petals zing.

©2007 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Tree Peony

"Tree Peonies" - mounted 50cm square  

From the ancient forests of China,

Fed by soft and gentle rain.

There is no blossom finer,

Like priceless porcelain.

©2007 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Iris Tenax

"Iris Tenax" - mounted 50cm square

Rainbow goddess of the eye,

Mirrored in tranquil pools.

Perfect blue snatched from the sky,

Where iridescence rules.

©2008 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Cherry Blossom

"Cherry Blossom" - mounted 50cm square

The cherry tree whose praise is sung,

Its smothered boughs with blossoms hung.

A few brief days it reigns supreme.

Take pleasure in this waking dream.

©2008 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Crocosmia

"Crocosmia" - mounted 50cm square

Fiery blooms, blaze o’er the swell

At the hot end of the border.

Scorched by summer’s searing spell.

Alight with flaming torches.

©2008 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Agapanthus

"Agapanthus" - mounted 50cm square

African lilies of deepest hue

Travellers’ tales proclaim.

Clustered flowers, indigo blue,

In southern lands of fame.

©2008 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Spotted Orchid

"Spotted Orchid" - mounted 50cm square  

Fabulous jungle orchids shine

Like galaxies of sylvan stars.

Mere whisper of their name invites

Wondrous visions and delights.

©2008 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Pink Rose

"Pink Rose" - mounted 35cm square  

Sweet scented briar whose thorns oppose,

The gentle nature of its flowers,

Could there be aught save fragrant rose

Such loveliness cruel strength empowers?

©2008 Leonard Thompson

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Paintings marked with a red spot have been sold.

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