A Second Book of

Title Flowers & Verse

I hope you enjoy this second book of verses inspired by silk paintings taken from my galleries.

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Paintings marked with a red spot have been sold.

Silk Painting Amaryllis Minerva

"Amaryllis Minerva" - mounted 50cm square

Great lily of radiance

A feast for the eyes.

Goddess of prudence

Strong, fervent and wise.

©2004 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Daylilies

"Daylilies" - mounted 50cm square

Bright petals of each flower unfold

Their glory for one brief day.

But ere the evening bell is tolled

They sadly wither away.

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Alstromeria

"Alstromeria" - mounted 50cm square

The princess lilies of ancient Peru,

Deep in Andean valleys grew

Far from the sight of conquerors bold.

Was this the secret Inca gold?

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Hibiscus

"Hibiscus" - mounted 50cm square

Blossom of such fragile beauty

Like delicate oriental silk.

Folded petals, light and papery,

Rosa sinensis, the Chinese Rose.

©2006 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Erythronium

"Erythronium" - mounted 50cm square

A shining woodland carpet,

I glimpsed in early spring,

Of graceful Dog's Tooth Violet,

Their reflexed petals sing.

©2006 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Meconopsis Grandis

"Meconopsis Grandis" - mounted 50cm square

Bright patches of Himalayan sky,

Were torn from heaven above.

Whilst distraught mountain gods on high,

Shed golden tears of love.

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Frangipani

"Frangipani" - mounted 50cm square

A heady scent of jasmine

Floats on the gentle breeze

And fragrant petals carpet

Sacred earth beneath the trees.

©2006 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Japanese Anemone

"Japanese Anemone" - mounted 50cm square

Through autumn mists the borders shine

With manna from the sky.

Tall ivory anemones, a sign

Of summer's last goodbye.

©2006 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Pinks

"Pinks" - mounted 50cm square

Named for their ragged edges,

Born with scent of cloves.

Tamed from the rugged ledges,

Worn by one who loves.

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Dahlia

"Dahlia" - mounted 50cm square

Unkempt petals out of order,

Splashed about with vivid hues.

Showy Mexicans, south of the border.

Can't decide which one to choose!

©2004 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Tree Peonies

"Tree Peonies" - mounted 50cm square

From the antique forests of China,

Fed by soft and gentle rain.

There is no blossom finer,

Like priceless porcelain.

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Giant Himalayan Lily

"Giant Himalayan Lily" - mounted 50cm square  

Beautiful must be the mountains

And bright the valley's glow,

Where beside foaming fountains,

Stand tall sentinels of the snow.

©2004 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting English Rose

"English Rose" - mounted 50cm square

Sweet scented briar whose thorns oppose,

The gentle nature of its flowers,

Could there be aught save fragrant rose

Such loveliness cruel strength empowers?

©2004 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Dancing Ladies Orchid

"Dancing Ladies Orchid" - mounted 50cm square

With skirts set proud for dancing,

They’re off to the ball once more.

All eyes are set a glancing,

As these damsels take the floor.

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Begonia Picotee

"Begonia Picotee" - mounted 50cm square

Bright coloured showmanship

The flounce of a clown.

Bold and brassy fanfares,

When the circus comes to town.

©2006 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Flame Lily

"Flame Lily" - mounted 50cm square

Seen through the iridescent haze,

The vast savannah is ablaze

With myriad climbing flames that cling,

And smother every living thing.

©2004 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Datura

"Datura" - mounted 50cm square

Heady perfume floods the air,

All sense intoxicated.

Drifting in and out of dreams,

Faint bells reverberated.

©2006 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Dahlia Harlequin

"Harlequin Dahlia" - mounted 50cm square

He struts the comic stage,

In scarlet spangled gear.

With ruff of blushing petals,

That hides a bitter tear.

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Pink Water Lily

"Pink Water Lily" - mounted 35cm square

I placid pool, their platter leaves,

The rippled surface coat.

Whilst swollen blushing buds beget,

The finest craft afloat.

©2004 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Orchid Cactus

"Orchid Cactus" - mounted 50cm square

As pallid desert sunbeams fade

Midst arid rocks in deepest shade,

Natures reveals a clandestine delight,

The sovereign lady of the night.

©2004 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Clematis Flore-pleno

"Clematis Flore-pleno" - mounted 50cm square

Lustrous climbing stars outshine,

The vivid light of day.

Floral constellations combine,

To silently point the way.

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Fuchsia

"Fuchsia" - mounted 50cm square

This very special fuchsia,

Such a sight to behold.

Blooms of spell binding beauty,

A presentation bright and bold.

©2006 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Fuchsia Cascade

"Fuchsia Cascade" - mounted 50cm square

In suspended animation,

Fuchsias plunge and cascade.

A torrential sensation,

Ere the flowers fade.

©2006 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Toucan and Orchids

"Toucan and Orchids" - mounted 50cm square

In towering forest trees,

Flamboyant orchids grow.

But they don't deck the stage alone.

The toucan steals the show!

©2005 Leonard Thompson

Silk Painting Cereus Cactus

"Cereus Cactus" - mounted 50cm square

When Wild West movies flicker on the screen

The cereus cactus flowers are rarely seen.

Touched by flickering campfire light

They melt in the shadows of the night.

©2004 Leonard Thompson

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Paintings marked with a red spot have been sold.

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